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When you start your day with a cleaning by Jenny Maid’s you feel like the winner you are¬†because at Jenny Maid’s your our number one priority! We make the time to shine up the house so the unexempt visit becoming welcoming surface. Take a moment and say yes to a free estimate to get those areas in your home you have been neglecting. ¬†It time to refresh your home with dusting the furniture, removing cobwebs and most of all the countertop needs to stop with sticky grime. Call Jenny Maid’s ToDAY (316) 210 1900! We Love 2 Clean! Visit our website at Like on Facebook!@DerbyInformer @BonnieBing @BoomerSmart @JennyMaidsICT

Take A Spring Break with a Spring Clean from Jenny Maid’s

Jenny Maid"sEnjoy your spring break with a fresh spring clean from Jenny Maid’s. With everything blooming, your home will come alive with a deep cleaning from the best cleaning service in Wichita area – Jenny Maid’s! Our detailed deep cleans cover your home from top to bottom. Have Smiling surfaces smiling back at you! Call Jenny Maid’s TODAY (316) 210 1900. With our free estimates you can’t go wrong! Why not give Jenny Maid’s a try. At Jenny Maid’s We Love to Clean! Be sure to visit us on the web at and also, LIKE Us on Facebook. @JennyMaidsICT @BoomerSense @WichitaMomsBlog @DerbyInformer @CleanupWichita @WichitaThrive


Free Time

Tired of spending your free time cleaning! Well STOP and begin a recurring service with Jenny Maid’s. We can tackle the messes of the daily grind. Let US give you back the freedom to enjoy your life again. Call TODAY for a free estimate (316) 210 1900.

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