What makes your home you do! Stop cleaning yourself and hire Us! We Love 2 Clean so you can enjoy your home! Call Today (316) 210 1900. Visit Us on the web at hellojennymaids.com @BoomerSense @WichitaMomBlog @DiningwithDenise @linkin @RetiremntWisdom


imagesWishing you a Wonderful Monday! Call Jenny Maid’s When you are ready to refresh your home for the holidays ! We can help with the dust bunnies and the messy bathrooms. The holidays are the best times of the year. When you can get to gather with your family and enjoy games, and hear about the stories of their live’s . Make the best of your holiday and Call Jenny Maid’s Today (316) 210 1900. We Love 2 Clean and Make you Smile! Come and start enjoy your holiday the Jenny Maid’s way and get your Jungle on.

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Dust No More

imagesWe all enjoy opening our windows in the fall. We get fresh air and lower electric bills.  With the disguise the dust brings in contributes to itchy skin and stuff heads. With Jenny Maid’s coming into your home on a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning visit we can rejuvenate your environment. Call Today for your free estimate. You will be Glad you did! (316) 210 1900 Visit our website at hellojennymaids.com. Here about what our clients are saying about us. Let’s Get Started.


We will design a Cleaning Package specifically for you! Call Us Today at 316-210-1900! We Love 2 Clean! @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT @WichitaMomsBlog #WichitaMomsBlog @BonnieBing #BonnieBing @WicitaSymphony #WichitaSymphony @Wabahome #Wabahome @CenturyII #CenturyII @MTWichita #MTWichita @RotaryWichitaDT #RotaryWichitaDT @JLWichita #JLWichita @TheWichitaCC #The WichitaCC @EastHeightsUMC #EastHeightsUMC @MarkArtsks #MarkArts @DiningWithDenise #DiningWithDenise @flinthillsgolf #flinthillsgolf

Fun in the Sun

FVA46_pool-familyHot Summer Day have begun, now the time to have fun in the sun. Enjoy your retreat with your family

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Valentine Day’s

jm_valentine campaignValentine’s Day is right around the corner. We have three package for you sweetheart. One package just housecleaning Second package a single stem rose and a heart shaped box of chocolates from Nifty Nut House with housecleaning. Three package Dry Cleaning comforter and bedding sheets with chocolates from Nifty Nut House and a single stem rose. Book your Packages today