Fall is Almost Here!

It’s time for that DEEP CLEANING! It’s time to call JENNY MAID’S!

Visit us on the web at HelloJennyMaids.com to see a list of our deep cleaning services. It’s fall … don’t let your house fall behind. Call Jenny Maid’s today! (316) 210-1900 for a free consultation. We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #deepclean #fallcleaning

Oh No! It’s Back to School Time!

Jenny Maid's is here!

The summer is almost over! It went by way too fast! It’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! All the shopping; schedule the car pools: “who’s gonna pick up the kids?” time! “Do you have your notebook?” “Oh, we get to meet the teachers” time. . . . All of that frustration and who takes care of the house! WE DO! Give Jenny Maid’s a call today at (316) 210-1900! Get us on your schedule for this year! With everything else going on, why not find some calm in knowing the house is clean! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! HelloJennyMaids.com; @JennyMaidsICT #backtoschool #GoWichita #WichitaMomsBlog

Move In & Move Out Specialists

moving-outJenny Maid’s is your Move In and Move Out Specialists. When you move in to your new home you want to be certain its clean! You want to unpack and be able to breath in the newness of your investment! You don’t want to take the time to clean up before you move in. Then after you have loaded up the moving truck we will be there to clean up after you have left. You won’t have to come back to clean up we have already done it! Move Ins and Move Outs are our business! Let Jenny Maid’s do the job! Call today for more information! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT #WichitaMomsBlog #Realtor #360Wichita

Make the Best Decision all Summer!

Call Jenny Maid’s today … it will be the best decision you make all summer! You can trust Jenny Maid’s to take care of the house cleaning giving you time to enjoy your summer. And with Jenny Maid’s attention to detail you will have peace of mind knowing you will be coming home to a clean and healthy environment! We take pride in the work we do and work hard to keep our customers satisfied. We work with in your time frame as well as your budget. Give Jenny Maid’s a call today; you will be glad you did! 316-210-1900! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT