Jenny Maid'sTomorrow is the last day to file taxes! Keep your head up! Taxes are stressful but, give yourself ease of mind with a residential cleaning from Jenny Maid’s! We know the hustle and bustle get the best of you and all you want is to come home and relax, not another job title! Call Today (316) 210 1900 for a free estimate. Leave the dirt to the master cleaners Jenny Maid’s. We Love to Clean!  @BoomerSense @WichitaMomBlog @DiningwithDenise @JennyMaidsICT

Spring Weather

Wow!  Nice Spring day in March heat 80^  today! Start earlier before all the blooms beginning blossoming so, you can enjoy the fresh smells inside and outside in nature! schedule a deep cleaning with Jenny Maid’s ! (316) 210 1900!  Have peace with allergies and give yourself relieve of the change in the bloom to enjoy and not have pain! Call Today!(316) 210 1900.We Love 2 Clean! We Love making Smiley surfaces smiley back at you! With the spring weather coming in your face will be sparkling just like you home! Come begin your happy dance! Spring Break is going to be better than ever with a deep cleaning brought to you by Jenny Maid’s. Schedule now (316) 210 1900! Like US on Facebook! Visit Us on the web at And see our reveiws and see why we are rated the highest cleaning business. #BoomerSense #WichitaMomBolg #DiningwithDenise #houzz #RetiremntWisdom #Mitzi-Beach 3businessjournal

Housecleaning Tips

Tips for freshening up the house quickly before company comes is always a  great idea But when you keep put cleaning off is when this becomes a problem! Let Jenny Maid’s solve your house cleaning problems. We Love 2 Clean! We are Licensed, Bond, And Insured. We are highest rated cleaning business!

Tips for Guest arrival

1.)clean the toilet of any soil Also, disinfect sinks countertops in the bath and kitchen would be a must.

2.)empty all trash cans.

3.)Light a candle preference lavender.

4.) Sweep floors

These are quick easy tips when you get on a regular clean Jenny Maid’s can clean the light fixtures disinfect the shower and disinfect floors. If you don’t like dusting! Jenny Maid’s got you cover! We Love 2 Dust! Call Today for a free estimate! (316) 210 1900 We are ready for hire!

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