Keeping Up With Rover (Or Miss Kitty)

Jenny MaidsWhether you have a dog as part of your family, or a cat, or both or several, you know your house will show you have a pet! The hair, the scratches, the hair, the hair, the dander, the hair! Oh my! Jenny Maid’s will help you keep ahead of your pet if that is possible! We use a HEPA filter vacuum that removes allergens and pet dander along with bacteria and pollens. We clean under furniture where the hair likes to accumulate. We clean the ceiling fans; yes there is hair there too! We get the dirt and dust the little fur babies bring in on their paws. We disinfect surfaces and wipe down walls and cabinets. We get it all – and best of all our cleaning products are pet friendly so you know your baby will be just fine after we leave. We will even walk your baby if you don’t have time to. We will treat your babies like we treat our Entertainment Director, Sampson (pictured). He’s our biggest fan and protector – he thinks! Give Jenny Maid’s a call today, (316) 210-1900! We Love 2 Clean. #JennyMaidsICT #DiningWithDenise #WichitaMomsBlog #BoomerSense #DerbyInformer #wichitaonline #VIPWichita #splurge



Spring into April!

Jenny Maids“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” – Shakespeare

It’s April. It’s time to begin to enjoy the spring. Sit in the sunshine, take a brisk walk, buy a bunch of flowers – don’t you feel better already? It’s time to call Jenny Maid’s (316) 210-1900! Your  home will be Spring fresh so you can feel confident inviting spring into your life. Here’s a little idea to help you enjoy your freshly cleaned home: Pucker up! That’s right. Sun-kissed citrus brights are definitely in for spring. Lemony yellow, orange and ruby red grapefruit are all perfect colors to add pops of fun to your home. Put out a bowl of these fresh fruits on your kitchen counters! Not only will you enjoy the bright citrus colors, you will definitely enjoy the aroma from these gifts of nature! Stay tuned for more fresh spring ideas from Jenny Maid’s! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! @JennyMaidsICT @BoomerSmarts @WichitaMomsBlog @GoWichita @GoShockers @DiningWithDenise @CarrieRengers

Semi Retired?

Jenny Maids

You work hard and have worked hard all of your life to get the things you have. Its time you enjoy those things. Just a few hours a week or every two weeks will help maintain those things. That’s all it takes and that is why you should call Jenny Maid’s. Just one call (316) 210-1900. Find out how hard we will work for you. We are dedicated, loyal, bonded and insured for your comfort and ease of mind. We work with your schedule and within your budget. We are your house cleaners (or at least we want to be!) Call us today and visit us on the web to find out more about our services, Remember, our estimates are free. At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! @JennyMaidsICT @BabyBoomers @BoomerSmarts @GoWichita @BonnieBing @DiningWithDenise @CarrieRengers @WichitaMomsBlog

You work hard for the things you have!

Jenny MaidsYou do! You work hard for the things you have so you should hire a cleaning service thats works just as hard keeping the things you have NICE! Hire Jenny Maid’s. Nobody works harder at keeping our house clean then us! We take the extra step in being licensed, bonded and insured giving you the ease of mind that we are serious about what we do! And what is it that we do? We CLEAN and we do it well! So why not give us a try? Call Jenny Maid’s today at (316) 210-1900! We Love 2 Clean! Like us on facebook and be sure to tell your friends about us! @JennyMaidsICT @BoomerSmarts @DerbyInformer @WichitaMomsBlog @GoWichita @GoShockers

March Madness

Jenny MaidsIts that time of year … March Madness! Everyone is sitting in front of the TV rooting for their favorite team! Go Shockers! Call Jenny Maid’s, we can have your home ready for the big game day! We are probably the most reliable, cost effective cleaning service in the Wichita area! Why not give us a try, call us at (316) 210-1900 to schedule your free estimate! Plan that game day at your home! Call Jenny Maid’s! We Love 2 Clean! Visit us on the web at to see what people are saying about us! Like us on Facebook! And yes one more time … GO SHOCKS! @JennyMaidsICT @GoShockers @ArchMadness @BoomerSmarts @WichitaMomsBlog @DerbyInformer @DiningWithDenise @Mitzi_Beach


All around is tiny particular of dust! Dust get in through curvis, We don’t think about! This is why you need Jenny Maid’s to clean your home. We don’t just splash around the dirt! We remove the dirt! With our step by step procedures, your home will be allergenic free. Call today  (316) 210 1900. We Love 2 Clean! We have Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly services, Call and schedule a free estimate (316) 210 1900. Visit our website at Like Us on Facebook!

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Establishing priorities in life

Establishing priorities in life

Do you have things in your life that need be done – things that you really want to see accomplished – yet you just haven’t been able to find the time to get them done? Now is the time to face the fact that those things are never going to get done until they become a priority in your life. Figure out what is important to you and start establishing priorities in life.

In life, the things that you don’t want to do have to be your priority. Things like cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, taking care of your family, accomplishing honey-do’s or simply meeting up with a repairman. Life dictates that we have to do these things. Life is full of have-to’s. There is no way around that. I have done them. You have done them. Welcome to life. The key is to figure out how to get them done and still have time to do what you want to do, right?

Please stop saying that there isn’t enough time. There is plenty of time to do what is really important to you. Stop being frustrated and get into control. There is actually plenty of time to establish priorities in your life for the things that you really want to do. If you want it badly enough, you will find the time or make the time. It’s your life and it’s your time- Make the most of it.

Call Jenny Maid’s Today for recurring visit (316) 210 1900. Our website is Like Us on Facebook at Jenny Maid’s

Choosing a House Cleaning Service

clean-and-welcoming-foyer-entrywayChoosing a house cleaning service can be life-changing! Choosing the RIGHT house cleaning service is extremely important. You want a trustworthy company that employs honest and reliable people. You want a company that stands by the quote you are given. A company that shows up on time and cleans your home in a timely and efficient  manner. You want a company that is proud of their work and takes extra caution with your valuables. You want a company that when asked to go beyond their regular work or reschedule their time they do so gladly to accommodate you. You want that enjoys the work they do and is fun to work with. You want a cleaning service you can rely on that allows you to be functional at other things in your life! You want Jenny Maid’s! Visit US online to see what are clients are saying about us and give us a call to schedule your FREE estimate. That’s the BEST way to get to know US! Call Jenny Maid’s TODAY (316) 210 1900.

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Maid Services

circlesGive us a call today at 316-210-1900 to discuss your housekeeping needs. Whether you need a Deep Clean, a Weekly Clean, a Bi-Weekly Clean or Monthly Clean, we have a maintenance program just for you. We want to help you with your cleaning needs! Call Jenny Maid’s Today! @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT

What does June Bring?

DSCF0671We’ve all heard the poem “April Showers bring May Flowers”, but what does June bring? We are posting the original poem written by Sara Coleridge. We hope you enjoy it!

January brings the snow … Makes our feet and fingers glow.
February brings the rain … Thaws the frozen lake again.
March brings breezes loud and shrill .. Stirs the dancing daffodil.
April brings the primrose sweet … Scatters daises at our feet.
May brings flocks of pretty lambs, Hay Fever .. Skipping by their fleecy dams.
June brings tulips, lilies, roses … Fills the children’s hand with posies.
Hot July brings cooling showers … Apricots and gillyflowers.
August brings the sheaves of corn … Then the harvest home is borne.
Warm September brings the fruit … Sportsmen then begin to shoot.
Fresh October brings the pheasants … Then to gather nuts is pleasant.
Dull November brings the blast … Then the leaves are whirling fast.
Chill December brings the sleet … Blazing fire, and Christmas treat.

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