Its Saturday!

So you let the week get away from you. Don’t worry Jenny Maid’s is here for you. Give us a call at (316) 210-1900! We are good at helping you get back on schedule. And on occasion we will even help you get caught up on Saturday! Whether you need a deep clean, regular clean or just a one time clean, Jenny Maid’s is the cleaning service for you. We are locally owned, licensed, bonded and insured for your comfort and security. We are Kansas “Maid”! What’s stopping you, give us a call. At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #DiningWithDenise #WichitaMomsBlog #DerbyInformer #BonnieBing #BoomerSense

Sunday Fun Day!

Jenny MaidsOpen those doors and windows and let this absolutely beautiful air in today! We are so thankful we live in Kansas! Jenny Maid’s just wanted to say hello to all of our followers out there! Have a Fun Sunday! @JennyMaidsICT @BoomerSmarts @WichitaMomsBlog @GoShockers @DerbyInformer #springcleaning

Tis the Season to Clean Your Oven, fa la la la la … la la la la!

maxresdefaultOur regular customers know we always clean your oven’s exterior (including the front, top, and hood). But this time of year (holiday cooking and all) your oven may need extra attention. Our Deep Clean Service is a top-to-bottom oven cleaning. We clean all appliances including racks and liners, and remove nasty carbon deposits and baked on grime. We will even clean the oven glass if needed.  Your kitchen will be shiney and look like new! No more awful smells or smoke! Your kitchen will gleam again! Call Jenny Maid’s today to see the benefits of our Fall Deep Clean.  We will design a Cleaning Package specifically for you! Call Us Today at 316-210-1900! We Love 2 Clean! @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT @WichitaMomsBlog #WichitaMomsBlog @BonnieBing #BonnieBing @WicitaSymphony #WichitaSymphony @Wabahome #Wabahome @CenturyII #CenturyII @MTWichita #MTWichita @RotaryWichitaDT #RotaryWichitaDT @JLWichita #JLWichita @TheWichitaCC #The WichitaCC @EastHeightsUMC #EastHeightsUMC @MarkArtsks #MarkArts @DiningWithDenise #DiningWithDenise @flinthillsgolf #flinthillsgolf

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life

squarelogo_-withbackgroundHouse cleaning is time consuming, but necessary to keep a healthy environment. Jenny Maid’s takes pride in being the best in the business. We are detailed oriented and devoted to keeping you happy. We clean your home like its ours. Having Jenny Maid’s take care of your home will leave you time to enjoy the finer things in life … isn’t that what you have been working so hard for most of your life? Be at ease, call Jenny Maid’s today at 316-210-1900! We Love 2 Clean!

@WichitaMomsBlog #WichitaMomsBlog @BonnieBing #BonnieBing @WicitaSymphony #WichitaSymphony @Wabahome #Wabahome @CenturyII #CenturyII @MTWichita #MTWichita @RotaryWichitaDT #RotaryWichitaDT @JLWichita #JLWichita @TheWichitaCC #The WichitaCC @EastHeightsUMC #EastHeightsUMC @MarkArtsks #MarkArts @DiningWithDenise #DiningWithDenise @flinthillsgolf #flinthillsgolf

Move In & Move Out Specials

moveout-cleaningGive us a call today at 316-210-1900 to find out how we can help ease the burden of moving! We will clean your NEW Home before you move in making certain the floors and surfaces are spotless so the  kids can explore to their hearts desire! Closets spotless so all you have to do is unpack! Windows and sills spotless and ready for those new drapes! And best of all, we will clean the old place so you don’t have to go back and make sure everything is in good condition for the next family! All of this in just one phone call! Call Jenny Maid’s Today! We Love 2 Clean! Visit us on the web at and like us on facebook! Call about our multi property discounts!

@WichitaMomsBlog #WichitaMomsBlog @BonnieBing #BonnieBing @WicitaSymphony #WichitaSymphony @Wabahome #Wabahome @CenturyII #CenturyII @MTWichita #MTWichita @RotaryWichitaDT #RotaryWichitaDT @JLWichita #JLWichita @TheWichitaCC #The WichitaCC @EastHeightsUMC #EastHeightsUMC @MarkArtsks #MarkArts @DiningWithDenise #DiningWithDenise @flinthillsgolf #flinthillsgolf