The future looks bright; so should your house!

Jenny MaidsThis all important week of graduation is here. That life turning moment when we have a glimpse of our future and how bright it can be. Surround yourself with a clean, positive outlook! Surround yourself with a sparkling clean house by Jenny Maid’s! You will know immediately your house has been cleaned by us because we focus on the details! Whether its window blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, nooks and crannies (what ever they are!). Your kitchen has never looked this good! You can’t help but be inspired to do great things when you are surrounded by a great environment – and there is nothing greater than your home, cleaned by Jenny Maid’s! Give us a call today at (316) 210-1900 for a free estimate. You will be glad you did! We Love 2 Clean at Jenny Maid’s! #JennyMaidsICT #WichitaMomsBlog #DiningWithDenise #CarrieRengers #BoomerSense #BonnieBing #Botanica #wichitaonline #DerbyInformer

Spring Clean!

Thats right! Its time for SPRING CLEANING and we are here to help! We specialize in SPRING CLEANING! Give us a call today to find out about our SPRING CLEANING SERVICES! Our estimates are free! Find out how hard we work for you! Call Jenny Maid’s Today at (316) 210-1900! We Love 2 Clean! And we really Love Spring Cleaning! @JennyMaidsICT @WichitaMomsBlog @BoomerSense @Kansas @DerbyInformer