Spring Cleaning

Summer Break

Spring is in the air and its time to refresh the house for the Summer Break. All the kids are breaking for the summer! Swimming lessons, slumber parties and family vacation time! Make the best of your and refresh your home with a deep cleaning by Jenny Maid’s. We will get you in the spirit for a summer great start! We Love 2 Clean at Jenny Maid’s. Visit Us on the web at www.hellojennymaids.com Like Us on Facebook! @BoomerSense @sparkleclean @WichitaMomBlog @DerbyInformer @JennyMaid’sICT

One of the Top Dirty Jobs Is Cleaning your Ceiling Fans

Spring Cleaning

When dust sits around, dust mites move in. They contribute to allergies as well as sinus infections. A dusty fan can send dust mites scattering to bedding and furniture which is a health risk for the whole family. Put an end to dust mites give Jenny Maid’s a call (316) 210 1900. Spring time is Blooming! Awaken your senses to a fresh smelling environment! Our Deep Cleaning will renew your spirit and bring in the summer with a heated smile!This Summer join Jenny Maid’s with a Bi-Weekly Cleaning service! Friends and Family will be coming over so allow them in your home with a ensures that your home will be inviting with a recurring bi-weekly cleaning with Jenny Maid’s! Call Now (316) 210 1900. Visit Us on the Web at www.hellojennymaids.com Like US on FaceBook! #WichitaMomsBlog #KAKEnews #kansasdotcom #linkin #businessjournal #sparkleclean #luxuryrealestate #wichitarealestate #NiesHomes

Housecleaning Tips

Tips for freshening up the house quickly before company comes is always a  great idea But when you keep put cleaning off is when this becomes a problem! Let Jenny Maid’s solve your house cleaning problems. We Love 2 Clean! We are Licensed, Bond, And Insured. We are highest rated cleaning business!

Tips for Guest arrival

1.)clean the toilet of any soil Also, disinfect sinks countertops in the bath and kitchen would be a must.

2.)empty all trash cans.

3.)Light a candle preference lavender.

4.) Sweep floors

These are quick easy tips when you get on a regular clean Jenny Maid’s can clean the light fixtures disinfect the shower and disinfect floors. If you don’t like dusting! Jenny Maid’s got you cover! We Love 2 Dust! Call Today for a free estimate! (316) 210 1900 We are ready for hire!

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The Lord your God is with you

He is hero who saves you.

He happily rejoices over you,

renews you with his love,

and celebrates over you with shouts of loy

Zephaniah 3:17

Happy Thursday to You! Hope this gave you encouragement!

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National Friendship Day

028Today is National Friendship Day! Jenny Maid’s wants to seen out to  a special thank you to our client’s and our supporters.

Happy Friendship Day!

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Top Pollen Allergens

grass3-300x201Top Pollen Allergens this time of year in the Wichita area is grasses. We know you want a beautiful yard but please be careful mowing your lawns. Keep the lawn short, that way it’s not pollenating. Another tip is to wear an N95 protective mask when mowing and change your clothes when you come in after taking care of your garden and lawn. While you are outdoors we would love to help you keep your indoors clear from allergens. Give Jenny Maid’s a call today 316-210-1900! We have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly packages to fit your needs. At Jenny Maid’s We Love to Clean. https://www.pollen.com/forecast/current/pollen/67201 @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT #pollen #allergies