Windy Day is Upon Us!

Spring CleaningDust, pollen, and dandelions trigger our allergies and come hazardous to our health; giving sinus headaches. Then on top of this, you have people meowing either lawn. Cleaning is a must! Must for enjoying the spring time! Start calling today to set up a free estimate with Jenny Maid’s (316)210 1900. And just relax listen to the wind charms on a beautiful windy spring evening. We Love 2 Clean! Cleaning is our Profession. Leave the mess of the day at your feet and let Jenny Maid’s come and clean up for you! #BoomerSmart #BonnieBing #KAKEnews #JennyMaidsICT

Spring Weather

Wow!  Nice Spring day in March heat 80^  today! Start earlier before all the blooms beginning blossoming so, you can enjoy the fresh smells inside and outside in nature! schedule a deep cleaning with Jenny Maid’s ! (316) 210 1900!  Have peace with allergies and give yourself relieve of the change in the bloom to enjoy and not have pain! Call Today!(316) 210 1900.We Love 2 Clean! We Love making Smiley surfaces smiley back at you! With the spring weather coming in your face will be sparkling just like you home! Come begin your happy dance! Spring Break is going to be better than ever with a deep cleaning brought to you by Jenny Maid’s. Schedule now (316) 210 1900! Like US on Facebook! Visit Us on the web at And see our reveiws and see why we are rated the highest cleaning business. #BoomerSense #WichitaMomBolg #DiningwithDenise #houzz #RetiremntWisdom #Mitzi-Beach 3businessjournal

Best House Cleaning Service Money can Buy

Check out our reviews and see what people are saying about US! You can count on Us! We take pride in the work we do. We are reliable plus we are Licensed, Bond, and Insured! We are Jenny Maid’s Give US a call TODAY! (316) 210 1900.


Family time is the most important time in every individual’s life. Human interaction with people you know that have your best interest in mind gives a sense of gratitude and peace. Weekends are your family moments. Let Jenny Maid’s give back your time with the family instead of you protecting your family from the germs in the house come let Jenny Maid’s be your cleaning team! We Love 2 Clean! (316) 210 1900 Visit our website at Like Us on Facebook!


Jenny Maid’s

When it comes to clean! Look no more! Jenny Maid’s is here to the rescue! Call today (316) 210 1900! We are Licensed, Bond, and Insured. We come in a team of two people! Making us more affordable for you!

Take a chance and Make your day better! Call Today to begin your fresh tomorrow with allergy free breathing! Make a difference.  At Jenny Maid’s our motto is We Love 2 Clean!

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2 Days left Before Valentine’s Day

Roses are Red and Violets are Blue! Valentine’s Day is for the special someone  in your life that makes you Smile! With a dozen roses give her a fresh house cleaning and a day of relaxation!  You can’t go wrong, because you will make her feel like the queen she is in your eyes! Call Jenny Maid’s (316) 210 1900.

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Make Your House Award Winning!

Live like an Emmy Winner! Give yourself an award winning home! Give Jenny Maid’s a  call Today at (316) 210 1900! We Love 2 Clean! visit our website at

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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived! Whether you are a Patriots fan or a Falcons fan! It doesn’t matter to us. We are still a fan of Yours! Give Jenny Maid’s a call today! (316) 210 1900! We Love 2 Clean even after

Give Jenny Maid’s a call today! (316) 210 1900! We Love 2 Clean even after the BIG Super Bowl Party! Visit us at

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Cleaning Time

Workshop: State Taxes

Found this interested taxes workshop! When Cleaning out the year begin your new year with Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! (316) 210 1900!

Experts from the Kansas Department of Revenue will give you the basics in this free workshop. Topics include sales and compensating use taxes, withholding tax, estimated taxes and record…

Cleaners to the Rescue

Let yourself have a break! Schedule now with Jenny Maid’s to clean your house! (316) 210 1900 visit our website at

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