Summer Solstice

Summer CleansEnjoy this evening with the summer solstice! This is the longest day of sunlight, and mark the begin of summer! Summer is official here! Jenny Maid’s want to wish you a happy bright restful day! Call Today (316) 210 1900 We Love 2 Clean! #BonnieBing #BoomerSmarts #KAKEnews #sparkleclean # Summer Solstice


Family time is the most important time in every individual’s life. Human interaction with people you know that have your best interest in mind gives a sense of gratitude¬†and peace. Weekends are your family moments. Let Jenny Maid’s give back your time with the family instead of you protecting your family from the germs in the house come let Jenny Maid’s be your cleaning team! We Love 2 Clean! (316) 210 1900 Visit our website at Like Us on Facebook!