The Ripple Effect When You Shop Locally

We saw this while we were out and about shopping locally.

When you shop locally owned businesses you create a ripple effect. It starts with your own experience, and the benefits that come from shopping locally owned independent stores, like getting to rely on local retailers’ expertise.

But then, the effects keep going. By shopping at local stores, you connect with your community. You strengthen your local economy. And finally, as the circle of ripples extends out, you cast a vote for the American dream.

Here’s what happens when you shop with a locally owned business — starting with you.

You Benefit from expertise. After all local business know the community you live in. We know the climate (and how the climate can change … in Kansas!) We know local industries and local support; we know trends; we know our community!

You connect with your community. You may find yourself bumping into friends; hiring the friend of a friend of a friend . . . trading with neighbors. By doing business in your community you create stronger social ties. Remember local businesses make communities work.

You strengthen your local community. Local businesses hire local people, pay local taxes and source goods locally. When you shop locally you expand opportunities where you live.

You cast a vote for the American dream! By supporting local entrepreneurs, you invest in the future that works for all of US!


So the next time you decide to hire someone to help with your house cleaning needs, please consider Jenny Maid’s. We are a locally owned business with over 10 years of experience the Wichita and surrounding area! We ARE licensed, bonded and insured! We hire locally. We live locally. Call us today at (316) 210-1900! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean . . . locally!

Fall is Almost Here!

It’s time for that DEEP CLEANING! It’s time to call JENNY MAID’S!

Visit us on the web at to see a list of our deep cleaning services. It’s fall … don’t let your house fall behind. Call Jenny Maid’s today! (316) 210-1900 for a free consultation. We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #deepclean #fallcleaning

Oh No! It’s Back to School Time!

Jenny Maid's is here!

The summer is almost over! It went by way too fast! It’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! All the shopping; schedule the car pools: “who’s gonna pick up the kids?” time! “Do you have your notebook?” “Oh, we get to meet the teachers” time. . . . All of that frustration and who takes care of the house! WE DO! Give Jenny Maid’s a call today at (316) 210-1900! Get us on your schedule for this year! With everything else going on, why not find some calm in knowing the house is clean! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean!; @JennyMaidsICT #backtoschool #GoWichita #WichitaMomsBlog

Dam Music Fest 2018

Great time in El Dorado, KS! Bring the family; bring the lawn chairs; relax!!! Be safe and enjoy your weekend! Come home to a clean house by Jenny Maid’s! (316) 210-1900!

Keeping Up With Rover (Or Miss Kitty)

Jenny MaidsWhether you have a dog as part of your family, or a cat, or both or several, you know your house will show you have a pet! The hair, the scratches, the hair, the hair, the dander, the hair! Oh my! Jenny Maid’s will help you keep ahead of your pet if that is possible! We use a HEPA filter vacuum that removes allergens and pet dander along with bacteria and pollens. We clean under furniture where the hair likes to accumulate. We clean the ceiling fans; yes there is hair there too! We get the dirt and dust the little fur babies bring in on their paws. We disinfect surfaces and wipe down walls and cabinets. We get it all – and best of all our cleaning products are pet friendly so you know your baby will be just fine after we leave. We will even walk your baby if you don’t have time to. We will treat your babies like we treat our Entertainment Director, Sampson (pictured). He’s our biggest fan and protector – he thinks! Give Jenny Maid’s a call today, (316) 210-1900! We Love 2 Clean. #JennyMaidsICT #DiningWithDenise #WichitaMomsBlog #BoomerSense #DerbyInformer #wichitaonline #VIPWichita #splurge



River Festival Event

Wichita Kansas River Festival, River Festival

River Festival is this week only and then start off with a family vacation! This is the time to celebrate the summer month! Start with giving your whole family no chores! Jenny Maid’s will do the cleaning chores! You and the family just enjoy making lifetime memories with each other! Call Today (316) 210 1900. We Love 2 Clean! Visit us on the web at @JennyMaidsICT @BoomerSmarts @DerbyInformer @WichitaMomBlog

Its the middle of the week and we still haven’t heard from you?

Jenny MaidsWhat’s going on? We know you want us to clean your house … are you concerned you may not have the time to have us clean on a regular basis? We will work within your schedule and a regularly scheduled clean is more cost savings that a random cleaning.  Do you think you cannot afford it? We work within your budget and we will set up a program to keep the house cleaned throughout the year. PLUS you get time back for you! How can you not afford it? Do you feel guilty about hiring a house cleaner when you can clean your house yourself? Well we all know you can cook as well but still you go out to restaurants periodically. It is not that you cannot clean your own home it is the fact that you can and should be using your time at home differently! Maybe you both work fulltime and should be spending more time with the kids; perhaps you are semi retired or retired than you have already worked your tail off and it is time for you to do the things you want to do not the things that need to be done. Anyway you look at it … you need to call Jenny Maid’s at (316) 210-1900! We Love 2 Clean and we would Love 2 Clean for you! Call Jenny Maid’s today! #JennyMaidsICT #BoomerSense #Mitzi_Beach #DiningWithDenise #CarrieRengers #VIPWichita #splurge #wichitaonline #WichitaMomsBlog #DerbyInformer