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You MessyHouse[2]are the master of your destiny. Jenny Maid’s is the master on your house cleaning. Let us come and tackle the messy part in your life while your out create better opportunities for yourself.

Fresh new starts


Fresh new cup of coffee. Fresh new start. Fresh clean house. Jenny Maid’s is here to help take the chaos out of live. Easy scheduling. Call today for your free estimate 316 210 1900. Jenny Maid’s maid clean every time.

Enjoy Family Time

One_child_family_2520266b[1]Time with family is valuable. This moment bring happy memories. Call Jenny Maid’s today. We are here to give you less stress and ease of mind on the little priorities in life like, house cleaning. Please call for a free estimate (316) 210 1900.

Keep nature out doors

petmudcarpetcleaningNature is fun outdoors but can be disastrous in our homes. Call Jenny Maid’s at 316 210 1900 for a refreshed home. Jenny Maid’s is on your side!


Enjoy The Kansas State Fair

10343-hutchinson-kansas-state-fairKansas State Fair dates are September 11 – September 20 2015.

Enjoy the State Fair knowing your coming home to a clean house done by Jenny Maid’s

Made clean every time

Jenny Maid’s


September Reminder

imagesSeptember Reminder. Ragweed usually starts releasing pollen with cool nights and warm days in August. It can last into September and October. About three-quarters of people who are allergic to spring plants are also allergic to ragweed. Let Jenny Maid’s refresh your home! We have Spartan products that not only knock down the pollens and dust in your home but disinfect as we clean. Give us a call today. Remember to like us on facebook and visit our website. #HelloJennyMaids