Father’s Day Gift

Jenny MaidsOkay so from yesterday’s response we have determined that “Cleaning the Man Cave” is really not as much of a Father’s Day Present as it is a Mother’s Day Present. But that’s OK! We can clean the office, the library, the den, the TV room. All of these rooms can are included in our cleaning services. The best thing of all, with us cleaning your house, it will free you up for make dad’s day top notch! Call Jenny Maid’s today (316) 210-1900. At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #WichitaMomsBlog #DerbyInformer #DiningWithDenise #VIPWichita #splurge

Cleaning the Man Cave Just in Time for Father’s Day!

Thinking of a gift for dad? Look no farther! Call Jenny Maid’s at (316) 210-1900! We got the perfect Father’s Day Gift – a Clean Man Cave! Don’t worry we won’t throw anything out we just clean! We may help organize a little – you tell us! The point is, we know that space in the house is so important to dad! That place where he can get away and dream or fiddle or whatever he wants to do … and we respect that and we understand that! That’s why we are the perfect people to call for Father’s Day! Show dad how much you appreciate him by helping him enjoy his space a little more! Call Jenny Maid’s Today at (316) 210-1900! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #WichitaMomsBlog #DiningWithDenise #MomsEveryday #VIPWichita #splurge #DerbyInformer

Summer Vacation

Summer Heat, Jenny Maids

Summer heat is already here! Thinking of inviting the family and friends over for a swim and barbecue?  Best memories of a lifetime, share your love with your family and let Jenny Maid’s love on your home! Call Today for a free estimate at (316) 210 1900 We Love 2 Clean! Visit Us on the web at hellojennymaids@yahoo.com @sparkleclean @SummerBreak @Wichitarealestate

The temps are climbing!

Get out of the heat. Enjoy your freshly cleaned home by Jenny Maid’s! What better way to relax than sitting in your cool clean den drinking a glass of lavender tea and nibbling on a raspberry cream cheese scone while you ponder what the schedule is like today. You can think more clear, be more calm and enjoy life more when your home is clean. It is definitely on less thing to worry about. Take back your life – call Jenny Maid’s today! (316) 210-1900! We Love 2 Clean. #JennyMaidsICT #WichitaMomsBlog #DiningWithDenise #MomsEveryday #BoomerSense #DerbyInformer

Think you are cooling yourself off … think again!

Its only June and already getting hot! Here are a few air conditioning myths we got from the Home Improvement section off FOXNEWS website by Adam Verwymeren, to pay attention to.

Myth: Fans Keep a Room Cool

Fans don’t make a room any cooler, they merely make you feel cooler. By moving air over your skin, a fan can lower your body temperature, but will do nothing for the heat inside a room. So if you’re not in the room, you’re just wasting energy by leaving the fan on. However, there’s one exception to this rule: if the air temperature outside the house is cooler than the air inside, then placing a fan near a window can help draw cool air into the home or create a cross current to exhaust some of the hot air trapped inside.

Myth: Upgrading to a bigger air conditioner will give you better results

As summer stretches into the hottest months of the year, your air conditioner might be straining to keep your home cool, causing you to head to the store for a newer and bigger unit. But there are a lot of reasons your air conditioner might not be up to the task. As with any appliance, an air conditioner needs regular maintenance. Start by cleaning the air conditioner, and if that doesn’t help, you can try to get it serviced. If the air conditioner is installed in a spot that gets direct sun all day long, moving it to a shadier location might help. Also the problem might not be the air conditioner at all. If you have a lot of leaks in your house, such as cracks around the windows, missing weather stripping around the door, or poor insulation, the problem could be your house. Try to look for any gaps where you might be leaking cold air and plug them up.

Myth: An air conditioner is just a device to cool the air

Sure, air conditioners produce a steady stream of cool air, but there’s actually another factor at play when it comes to making you comfortable in the summer. In addition to cooling the air, air conditioners also reduce humidity. Humid air feels hotter than dryer air. Many air conditioners have a drying function that is dedicated to reducing humidity, and this setting also uses a less energy. If your air conditioner doesn’t have this setting, you could also try using a dehumidifier to save a little money on your energy bill.

Myth: Crank the temperature down for faster cooling

Central air conditioners are designed to work at a fairly constant pace and then turn off when your home reaches the desired temperature. So turning the temperature way down won’t cool it faster, it just means you might end up with a frigid house if you forget to readjust the thermostat once you hit a comfortable temperature, wasting money and energy. There is, however, an exception to this rule. If you have a window unit, you likely have low, medium and high settings. Using the high setting will cool things off faster — just remember to turn it down once your home feels comfortable.

Myth: It’s more efficient to leave it on all day than to raise and lower the temperature

Programmable thermostats are a great way to save money on energy bills during both the winter and summer months. By setting your thermostat to change the temperature in the house when you’re not around, you can dramatically cut down on energy usage. Many people believe that an air conditioner has to work extra hard to cool the house back down when you get home, negating any benefit from turning the temperature down. However, this simply isn’t true. Even when you’re not around, your air conditioner is hard at work keeping the place cool, which leads you to waste a lot of energy. So feel free to use the program function on your thermostat and save some money on your bills this summer.

Start Your Week Right!

Jenny MaidsStart your week the right way with a clean house by Jenny Maid’s! All you have to do is call (316) 210-1900 to do it. We can schedule you for a weekly clean – maintaining your home throughout the summer; or a bi-weekly clean with you touching up your home between cleans; or our monthly clean with you maintaining your home throughout the rest of the month. We will work within your schedule and budget to find the perfect service for you. And remember no house is too large or small for us. We want to be of service to you so give us a call today! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #WichitaMomsBlog #DiningWithDenise #DerbyInformer #VIPWichtia #splurge

Take Your Weekends Back

Jenny MaidsIts Saturday! Time to clean the house … WAIT! You should be with the family at Riverfest 2017; you should be enjoying Ballet in the Park. On this cool Saturday morning, you should be enjoying what’s in bloom at Botanica! We don’t want to keep telling you what you should be doing, we are just telling you what you shouldn’t have to do, and that’s cleaning your house! Don’t clean when you have Jenny Maid’s to clean! This is what we do. We know how to maximize our time (saving you money) on cleaning because we know cleaning! When we arrive at your home we get right to work! And before you know it we are done, your house is clean and we are gone! That’s how it should be. What you see is sparkling surfaces; breathe in fresh air and have a sense of calmness in your tranquil environment – no messy distractions. Call Jenny Maid’s today at (316) 210-1900. Experience life with Jenny Maid’s at your door! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! Visit us on the web at www.hellojennymaids.com to see what people are saying about us! Like us on facebook and tell your friends about us! We appreciate you and want to clean for you! #JennyMaidsICT #WichitaMomsBlog #MomsEveryday #DiningWithDenise #riverfest #VIPWichita #splurge

Final Days of Riverfest 2017

Wichita’s grand festival celebrating all things Wichita is coming to a close for the season. You can find their final days schedules here. Jenny Maid’s hopes you and your family are able to take advantage of the fun things going on this weekend. Keep us in mind when you are considering a thorough clean of your house after everyone has left! We are only a phone cal away! Call (316) 210-1900. At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #DiningWithDenise #WichitaMomsBlog #Riverfest #GoWichita #DerbyInformer #VIPWichita #splurge #MomsEveryday

Keeping Up With Rover (Or Miss Kitty)

Jenny MaidsWhether you have a dog as part of your family, or a cat, or both or several, you know your house will show you have a pet! The hair, the scratches, the hair, the hair, the dander, the hair! Oh my! Jenny Maid’s will help you keep ahead of your pet if that is possible! We use a HEPA filter vacuum that removes allergens and pet dander along with bacteria and pollens. We clean under furniture where the hair likes to accumulate. We clean the ceiling fans; yes there is hair there too! We get the dirt and dust the little fur babies bring in on their paws. We disinfect surfaces and wipe down walls and cabinets. We get it all – and best of all our cleaning products are pet friendly so you know your baby will be just fine after we leave. We will even walk your baby if you don’t have time to. We will treat your babies like we treat our Entertainment Director, Sampson (pictured). He’s our biggest fan and protector – he thinks! Give Jenny Maid’s a call today, (316) 210-1900! We Love 2 Clean. #JennyMaidsICT #DiningWithDenise #WichitaMomsBlog #BoomerSense #DerbyInformer #wichitaonline #VIPWichita #splurge



River Festival Event

Wichita Kansas River Festival, River Festival

River Festival is this week only and then start off with a family vacation! This is the time to celebrate the summer month! Start with giving your whole family no chores! Jenny Maid’s will do the cleaning chores! You and the family just enjoy making lifetime memories with each other! Call Today (316) 210 1900. We Love 2 Clean! Visit us on the web at hellojennymaids.com @JennyMaidsICT @BoomerSmarts @DerbyInformer @WichitaMomBlog